Kartell Piuma Armchair - A Contemporary, Extremely Lightweight Chair

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Model: 5802

Brand: Kartell

Designer: Piero Lissoni

Price: £302.00

Kartell Piuma Armchair designed by Piero Lissoni is one of the most revolutionary and enterprising products in Kartell’s repertoire of technology and materials.

It has taken 2 years of research & development to finally settle on the unusual blend needed to create the Piuma armchair design. This is a thermoplastic polymer compounded with numerous fibres including carbon in order to give the structure greater rigidity and a low weight.

This compound comes from two diverse sectors of the industry, ie. automotive and aeronautics, which is unprecedented in the furniture industry. By applying new injection moulding techniques of a wide range of materials, which was designed exclusively by Kartell, has enabled the production of this advanced chair.

The main advantages of this beautifully sculptured Piuma chair are;
- because of it's slender design measuring just 2mm thick around the seat & arms, is extremely lightweight (barely 2.2 kg)
- durable

- flexible

- ergonomically shaped for maximum comfort.
- due to its non corrosive material composition is equally suitable for use in inside & outside environments.

The product name Piuma means feather, ie. is as light as a feather & can be lifted with just 2 fingers. It is the first time that a material containing carbon fibre has been injection moulded for aesthetic reasons.

Available colours are white (03), grey (GR), sage green (VE), mustard (SE), rusty orange (RU) and black (09).

- black & white colours, for orders placed by 1st November, are available for delivery in December & before Christmas 2016
- grey, sage green, mustard & rusty orange are available for delivery at the end of January 2017

Kartell Piuma Armchair Dimensions

- width: 62 cm
- depth: 54 cm
- height: 77 cm
- seat height: 48 cm
- arm rest height: 65 cm

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