Green & Blue Large Bee Block Bee House | Available in 3 Colours

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Model: LBB

Brand: Green&Blue

Price: £27.50

The Green&Blue Large Bee Block is a stylish bee house for solitary bees.

It's has been designed to look stunning in the garden and can even be used as a standard house brick within the wall structure.

The Large Bee Block bee hotel makes a great gift for nature lovers and is a good way of introducing children to bees.

Each bee house brick contains various sized holes for the solitary bees to lay their eggs.

Then the bees seal off the entrance with mud or chewed vegetation. The offspring emerge the following spring to repeat the cycle again.

Solitary bees are not aggressive as they do not have a queen to protect and don't have to make honey — therefore it's safe to use the SMALL BEE BLOCK in the garden around children and pets.

The Bee Block is designed and made by Green&Blue in the UK.

Made from cast concrete using up to 70% recycled materials from the Cornish China Clay industry.

Available in 3 colours: White, Charcoal Grey & Yellow.

The Large Bee Block should be positioned in a warm sunny spot, south facing. Make sure that there is no vegetation in front of the holes. Ideally placed at least 1 metre from the ground with no upward limit.

The Large Bee Block is a stylish and practical way of helping the declining bee population.


Green&Blue Large Bee Block Dimensions

- Width: 105mm
- Depth: 105mm
- Height: 105mm

Product weight is approximately 7 kg.

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