Green&Blue Beepot Concrete Planter & Bee House

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Model: BPOT

Brand: Green&Blue

Price: £46.45

The Green&Blue Beepot Concrete Planter & Bee House will attract the bees to your garden and gives them somewhere safe to nest.

The Beepot is a stylish concrete planter, which combines a safe nesting site for solitary bees with a space for a pollinating plant, meaning a food source is never that far away. Like a Bee&B! Get it?

The beautiful beepot bee house and concrete planter makes a great gift for nature lovers and landscape gardeners. Available in natural white concrete or charcoal grey colour.

Solitary bees are under threat and are in massive decline, partly due to loss of habitat. Humans need bees to pollinate the plants and fruits we depend on.

You can play your part in helping the bees by introducing a Beepot into your garden, allotment or outdoor urban space.

You are helping the bees to carry out the vital pollination work they do. Bees are beautiful creatures and are also fascinating to watch.

Solitary bees are not aggressive as they don't have a queen to protect and don't make honey - therefore it is safe to encourage around children and pets.

Please note: plant shown in gallery photo is not included

Green&Blue Beepot Dimensions

- Width: 225 mm
- Height: 150 mm
- Depth: 152 mm

Product weight is approximately 8 kg.

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