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Veritable CONNECT Indoor Garden | Mobile Phone App - Moonlight goldVeritable CONNECT Indoor Garden | Mobile Phone App - Moonlight goldVeritable CONNECT Indoor Garden | Mobile Phone App - Moonlight gold

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Veritable CONNECT Indoor Garden hydroponic growing system that allows you to follow the growth of your plants, fruit and herbs through a specially developed app.


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Once it's set up, you don't need to do anything – apart from enjoying fresh herbs all year round!

The Veritable CONNECT Hydroponic Gardens are ideal for any room with or without natural daylight. Instead of natural daylight, the CONNECT Indoor Garden uses LED technology that deploys a colour spectrum adapted specifically for edible plants.

The Veritable CONNECT automatically adjusts the LED's luminance intensity depending on the ambient light, to distribute the perfect amount of light to your plants.

The special colour and performance ensure quick growth and develop the flavour of your plants. Grow plants in any environment that you want to – even rooms without windows!

Plug-in, Fill-in, Insert Lingots®, Harvest and Enjoy!

The CONNECT garden comes with a set of 4 Lingots (herb block) including Sweet Basil, Curly Parsley, Chives and Thyme.

Plants are ready to eat in only 4 weeks and each Lingot guarantees regular harvest for 4 to 6 months. For best results plant within 1 year, otherwise germination rate reduces over time. Keep Lingots stored in a cool and dry place.

Over 30 varieties of plant can be grown - just add another Lingot to the reservoir tank and let the Veritable Indoor Garden do the rest.

There are two separate and adjustable lighting masts to ensure that your plants always receive the best lighting suited to their growth stage and variety.

You can for example install 2 new Lingots on one side, while keeping grown-up plants on the other side. The Véritable® Indoor Garden has been designed with the kitchen size in mind. It will fit on most kitchen counters and under kitchen cabinets.

Mobile Phone App
The app allows you to follow your plants growth all along its journey. Set up lighting for better comfort and efficiency. Get handy tips for every step (seedling, harvesting, cooking, etc). Receive useful reminders (watering, Lingot® replacement, etc). To top it off there are creative cooking recipes including the herbs and plants based on the plants and herbs that you are growing.

Veritable's smart indoor garden collection also includes the CLASSIC, SMART and SMART Copper indoor garden kits to grow and harvest fresh and tasty aromatic herbs according to your needs all year round - no pesticides, no GMOs, simply natural!

Veritable CONNECT Indoor Garden Features

  • Passive hydroponic tomato & herb growing system
  • Integrated app: follow developments growth of your plants from your mobile phone!
  • Automatic watering
  • Automatic light intensity adjustment
  • Grow 4 different plants at the same time (each pair of plants can be grown at different times)
  • Autonomous up to 4 weeks
  • An alarm warns you when it's time to fill the water reservoir
  • Water capacity: 2 litres
  • Grow plants in 4 weeks
  • Made from ABS plastic

Veritable Indoor Garden Kit Dimensions

- Width: 33 cm
- Depth: 18.5 cm
- Height: 38 - 45 cm

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