Magis Cyborg Elegant Armchair (lattice wicker) | Marcel Wanders

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Magis Cyborg Elegant Armchair (lattice wicker) | Marcel WandersMagis Cyborg Elegant Armchair (lattice wicker) | Marcel WandersMagis Cyborg Elegant Armchair (lattice wicker) | Marcel WandersMagis Cyborg Elegant Armchair (lattice wicker) | Marcel WandersMagis Cyborg Elegant Armchair (lattice wicker) | Marcel Wanders

Authorised Magis Design Dealer UK

Model: SD1714

Brand: Magis Design

Designer: Marcel Wanders

Price: £577.00

Magis Cyborg Elegant armchair is a tub shape with the sides & backrest available in two colours, i.e. Glossy White with a natural lattice wicker sides/backrest and Glossy Black with black lattice wicker sides/backrest. 

Both with a polycarbonate frame & ergonomically shaped seat with radiused front, back & side edges. This part of the chair design enhances its minimal, elegant & comfortable qualities.

Although not esential to the comfort of this chair, there is a variety of coloured & tailor made Cyborg seat cushions.

Designed by Marcel Wanders, 2012.

Delivery time is 3-4 weeks.

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Magis Cyborg Elegant Armchair Dimensions

Height: 82cm
Width: 56cm
Depth: 54cm
Seat Height: 46cm

FREE mainland UK delivery

PRODUCT CARE: For the plastic parts we recommend using a soft rag, either dry or wet. When needed, use ph-balanced soap diluted in water. For wicker parts we recommend using a soft brush or a wet chamois leather. Small irregularities which might be visible on the surface and colours changes in time, should not be considered as faults, but on the contrary as results of the material nature. For the wooden part we recommend using cleaning products specifics for wood. Do not use abrasive sponges as they may leave scratches. For the upholstered versions: Daily care and immediate stain removal will ensure that your wool upholstery will keep looking good. It is normally sufficient to regularly vacuum and air upholstered armchair. We suggest cleaning the wool fabric occasionally. Use a specific wool cleaning soap and follow the instructions carefully. Take care never to saturate the wool fabric. Never use undiluted cleaning agents, bleaching agents, ammonia or soap intended for hard surfaces. As a general rule, many types of stain can be removed using lukewarm water. For greasy stains, use a dry stain remover. For more insoluble stains (chewing gum, candle wax, etc.), use a plastic bag filled with ice to rub the stain until the substance has become friable. Use a clean flat blunt blade to delicately remove the substance. Be careful when using solvents, because these could dissolve the upholstery material beneath. For the leather version: regularly clean using a dry and soft rag. When needed, use products especially formulated for leather. Immediately dry after the treatment. Where there was a stain of ink or similar, use only the specific stick that is commonly available on the market. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight or heat sources. Do not use abrasive sponges as they may leave scratches or damage the product. Avoid using acidic products, solvents and products containing ammonia. Avoid exposure to sunlight. Periodic and correct maintenance allows the product to keep its original aspect and lengthens the duration of its performance. 

WARNING: Treat stains immediately, the longer they remain in the fabric, the harder it is to remove them. Before choosing a cleaning method, always try it out on a concealed part of the chair. Do not use different cleaning products from the ones mentioned above. Do not use the product in an improper way. Do not place hot objects on it, sit on the back and/or on the arms, stand on it or use the product as a ladder. Once disused, please make sure that this product is disposed in an environment-friendly way.

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