Fermob Outdoor Furniture - Living the Outdoor Life Year-Round

Love, protect, respect nature and live surrounded by it. Fermob's business is outdoor, which is why sustainability and respect for the environment are naturally rooted in Fermob's culture - and in production process too.

Fermob Outdoor Furniture Colours - An Array of Possibilities

Fermob's philosophy embraces the imagination by offering up to 25 colours - metal, fresh, vibrant, contemporary, sparkling or classic, but always exclusive. They form the widest choice on the outdoor furniture market. It's up to you to compose the world that reflects your personality, by expressing your creative impulse.

Benefits of Fermob Contemporary Outdoor Furniture

- Iconic and stylish French design
- Available up to 25 vibrant colours
- Compact size which can be folded away
- Comfortable seating with optional Bistro seat cushion
- Fantastic value for money
- Specific anti-corrosion treatment for outdoor use
- Anti-UV powder coating
- Quality controls at every stage of the manufacturing process

The following current FERMOB metal lacquered colours are finished in either a;

textured matt (T and ST)
cotton white (T), nutmeg (ST), red ochre (ST), chili (T), capucine (T), willow green (ST), cactus (T), rosemary (ST), cedar green (T), deep blue (T), liquorice (T), acapulco blue (T), anthracite (ST), storm grey (ST), honey (T), frosted lemon (T), ice mint (T),  clay grey (T), black cherry (T), opaline green (T), honey (T), lapilli grey (T), marshmellow (T), pesto (T), gingerbread (T)


smooth semi gloss (S)
poppy (S)

Fermob Outdoor Furniture Designers

Fermob frequently works with established and up-and-coming designers (Frederic Sofia, Pascal Mourgue, Sakura Adachi, Pagnon Pelhaitre just to name a few) from all walks of life, whether for a one-off project or as part of a regular collaboration. These working partnerships give rise to audacious, ambitious furniture designs that always manage to combine beauty with pragmatism, clean lines with attractiveness, and comfort with ease of use.

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