Jake Dyson CSYS Clamp Light (Black or Silver) - Bright For 37 Years!

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Model: CC01 CC02

Brand: Dyson

Designer: Jake Dyson

Price: £399.00

Dyson CSYS Clamp light with dimmer, available in silver or black colours and 2700 or 4000 Kelvin light luminance options.

A smooth precision 3 Axis Glide™ control allows the Jake Dyson CSYS Clamp light to be placed into any position adjusting the light horizontally, vertically and rotationally. And with no springs or pivots, the light doesn't droop. Powerful light precisely where you need it!

The heat pipe technology used in Dyson Clamp lamp allows for 8 high-power LEDs to be positioned just 8mm apart, providing a light output of 648 lux.

Touch-sensitive, continuous dimming makes the light suitable for any task. Built-in memory recalls your most recent light level setting.

Each LED in Jake Dyson Clamp light is fixed in position and housed in a conical reflector to control glare.

Last but not least, Dyson Clamp lights are using high-power LEDs that use a fifth of the energy of a conventional desk light.

Jake Dyson CSYS Desk Light is also available as a standalone desk light. For more info please visit the Jake Dyson CSYS Bright LED Desk Lamp product page.


Jake Dyson CSYS Clamp Light Features

  • 3 Axis Glide™ motion: horizontal, vertical and rotational
  • Heat pipe technology: 8 high-power LEDs are positioned 8mm apart, provides light output of 648 lux
  • Glare control: Each LED is fixed in a conical reflector to control glare
  • Touch-sensitive dimmer with built-in memory that recalls the last light level setting
  • Save Energy Efficient: The high-power LEDs use a 5th of the energy of a normal desk light
  • 2 year guarantee that covers all parts

Jake Dyson Clamp Light Dimensions

- Width: 725mm
- Depth: 55mm
- Height: 780mm

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