Myyour TREESMUST Rechargeable LED Christmas Tree

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Model: 2060508EXTTRE

Brand: Myyour

Price: £374.00

Myyour TREESMUST Rechargeable LED Christmas tree light, model 2060508EXTTRE.

This Treesmust Rechargeable outdoor/indoor tree light has the following ADVANTAGES included;
- striking design
- easily cleaned POLEASY surface
- low energy, long life
LED RGBW 3.2W lamp
- remote control (that works up to 20 metres), 
- rechargeable light with up to 10 hours of life per charge
- recharging time is only 5 hours max.
- OUTDOOR IP66 rated.

Please note, our price is for 1 half  - which can stand on its own and positioned against a wall, screen or post. Alternatively, a pair can be positioned together (mounted back to back, on a flat level surface) creating a complete Christmas tree.

All TREESMUST Christmas trees are manufactured in a rotational moulded Poleasy® material. This enables the TREESMUST trees to be easily cleaned without leaving any grime or discolouration.

Treesmust Outdoor Light Dims & IP Rating

- Width: 75 cm
- Depth: 37 cm (75 cm back to back)
- Height: 150 cm
- Rated: IP66

What is Poleasy?

Poleasy® is a new plastic material developed by Italian furniture manufacturer MyYour. This material has revolutionised the way furniture is interpreted. Poleasy® is a special linear polyethylene in which surface micropores, which accounts for the formation of grime, are almost completely absent.

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