50 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas to Create a Warm & Inviting Home

That special time of year is getting closer and closer. Evidence of this fact is already on display in shops and on restaurant notice boards.

Christmas cards and sweets have arrived in shops and bookings are already being taken for Christmas work meals, which means that it is time to get that Christmas shopping underway and to start preparing those Christmas decorations!

However, why not give this year a bit of a twist? Rather than bringing down those old and dusty Christmas decorations that you use year after year, try giving a homemade Christmas a go this year?

Making your own Christmas decorations will not only help get you in the Christmas spirit while recycling old materials, but it will also give parents a festive and fun activity to do with their children, teaching their children useful skills from spelling to sewing.

50 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas to Create a Warm & Inviting Home

1. Christmas Door Wreaths

It is important for your home to be Christmassy both on the inside and outside, which is why the first fun idea on this list is to create a Christmas wreath for your front door.

Why not get a plain wreath and decorate it yourself with flowers, berries, bows and tree ornaments?

2. Christmas Tree Skirt

If you want to add a bit of colour to your Christmas tree while hiding the Christmas tree base, why not get some felt or fabric and stitch together a creative and colourful Christmas tree skirt?

Christmas Tree Skirt

Christmas Tree Skirt – Photo by Marian Parsons

3. Christmas Tree Felt Decorations

Give your Christmas tree a homemade look this year with some homemade and personalised Christmas tree decorations.

On felt you can trace and cut out the outline of a Christmas cookie cutter or get some Christmas decoration patterns and get creative. Give Santa a white felt beard and Rudolf a red pompom nose.

4. Paper Christmas Trees

Cut different size circles out of green paper and then fold them in half repeatedly to give it a jagged appearance.

Put a wooden skewer through the middle of these circles, layering them from biggest to smallest and then put a mini yellow or gold star or pompom at the top to create a tree.

You can stick the base in plant pots, a wine bottle cork or in some clay.

5. Glittery Christmas Decoration Toys

If you’re looking for a fun and cheap way to get some glittery Christmas decorations, then why not make use of those old deer and reindeer toy figurines you had as a kid but no longer play with?

Cover them in glue and sprinkle them with glitter to make some beautifully glittery figurines.

A di Alessi Re Magi set of 3 figurines

A di Alessi Re Magi (set of 3 figurines)

6. 3D Tree Decorations

If you have some massive pieces of cardboard left over that you want to use, why not make some 3D tree models?

Draw a Christmas tree shape outline on two different pieces of cardboard and cut them out. Then cut a line down the middle of the models, on one from top to halfway down, then on the other from the bottom to half way up.

Cover the trees in material, wrapping paper or alternatively, colour them in. Once complete, slot the trees together.

3D Upholstered Christmas Tree

3D Upholstered Christmas Tree

7. Glittery Candle Holders

If you are after a creative and beautiful candle holder, why not cover an old jar with glue and roll the jar in glitter, so you now have some beautifully dazzling candle holders?

8. Homemade Christmas Stockings and Patchwork Quilts

If you have any old clothes or quilt covers that you don’t want to get rid of, why not make Christmas stockings or warming patchwork quilts out of the material so it’s not wasted?

Pair of homemade Christmas stockings

9. Yarn and Button Trees

If you love all things buttons, have a go at making a mini button Christmas tree!

Get a cone shape and starting from the point, start gluing down and winding round some yarn – it doesn’t have to be green, it could even be red or white – and then set the cone upside down to dry.

Once the glue has set, finish off your Christmas tree by gluing on some round buttons and gluing a pompom to the point of the tree as a star.

Yarn and Button Holiday Topiaries

Yarn and Button Holiday Topiaries

10. Chalk Board Stocking Hangers

Do your children have a yearly argument every Christmas on whose stockings are whose?

To save yourself having to experience another year of arguing, why not get individual mini chalk boards to stand above each stocking to write their names on?

Makes it easier for the children to find their presents and it makes it easier for Santa to deliver the right presents to the right children.

Chalk Board Stocking Hangers

Chalk Board Stocking Hangers – Photo by Marian Parsons (missmustardseed.com)

11. Christmas Name Card Holders

Candy cane name card holders will quickly be a new up and coming trend – so why not try this awesome trick at your home this year?

Simply get three candy canes, put them back to back and tie a ribbon near their base to keep them in place. Place the candy canes upside down on the table so the point is standing up.

Finally, once you have written out all the place cards, rest them on two of the candy cane handles. Not only does it look cute, but they also make cute table presents for guests who enjoy sweet treats.

Christmas Name Card Holders

Christmas Name Card Holders

12. Personalised Table Runners

If you enjoy sewing and you have some plain and boring table runners, then have a go at personalising them. You could stitch on a word related to Christmas, or a title or quote from your favourite Christmas song or film.

13. Mantle Piece Shelf

Don’t have a mantel piece to hang those stockings from? By fitting a shelf to your wall, not only will you now have somewhere to hang your stockings but this also makes extra room for Christmas cards.

Kartell Bookworm Adjustable Shape Bookshelf

Kartell Bookworm Adjustable Shape Bookshelf

14. Shirt Pocket Advent Calendars

Got a bunch of old clothes that you’re no longer going to wear?

Why not cut the pocket patches from them, sew them to a long string of ribbon and create an advent calendar out of them?

15. Chinese Takeaway Advent Calendar Boxes

If you are obsessed with Chinese takeaway, why not get 25 Chinese takeaway boxes, number them from 1 to 25 and use them as your new advent calendar? Quirky, fun and different.

16. Paper Ornaments

Why not try your hand at making some beautiful 3D paper ornaments with some patterned paper and ribbon, slotting shapes together to make 3D stars and trees.

3D Christmas Paper Ornaments

3D Christmas Paper Ornaments

17. Christmas Ceiling Decorations

When decorating your home, try adding a festive tone to your ceiling, with hanging snowflakes, stars and tinsel up.

Christmas Ceiling Decorations

Christmas Ceiling Decorations

18. Yarn Pinecones

Pine cone decorations are beautiful but can become samey after a while. If you’re getting bored of decorating your home with pine cones, why not try wrapping different colour yarn around them, to give them a unique look?

Yarn-Wrapped Pinecones

Yarn-Wrapped Pinecones – Design by Camilla Fabbri (cfabbridesigns.com)

19. Window Décor

Hanging lights and snowflakes at the window can make your home appear festive and beautiful both from the inside and out.

20. Mitten and Glove Advent Calendars

As kids grow up they gradually grow out of their gloves and mittens. You may even have gloves and mittens from when you were growing up.

Why not peg them up on a line in the house and number them one to twenty-five and use them as an advent calendar.

21. Christmas Scrabble Ornaments

Why not spend time with your kids, spelling out Christmas themed words with old scrabble pieces that you no longer need.

You can glue these words on ribbon to hang from the Christmas tree, or use them to decorate the inside of 3D photo frames and make a collage from them.

Christmas Scrabble Ornaments

Christmas Scrabble Ornaments

22. Silver and Gold Leaf Glass Candle Holders

Transform your old plain glass candle holders by adding silver or gold leaf to the sides.

23. Festive Flowers

Getting in some festive flowers, whether they are real or fake flowers, can help add some colour to your room and will make a beautiful table centre piece or mantel piece decoration.

24. Spruce Up Old Candle Holders

If you have some old candle holders that you no longer want to use anymore, why not glitz them up a bit with the help of some silver or gold spray paint – you could even make patterns on them – and make them the perfect tableware decoration.

25. Book Trees

Try making Christmas tree models with old book pages or newspaper pages and a cone.

With individual pages, curl and fray the edge of the page and then glue the opposite edge of the page to the cone, layer by layer. Once the whole cone is covered, your Christmas tree is complete.

Christmas Book Trees

Christmas Book Trees

26. Hot Chocolate Baubles

If you or your family like hot chocolate, then you’ll love this Christmas tree decoration idea!

If you have some clear baubles that you no longer want to use, why not clean out the inside of them and fill them up with cocoa powder, chocolate chips, sprinkles and marshmallows, so that whenever you want a hot chocolate, you can take a bauble off the tree and make one.

Different baubles could also be different flavour hot chocolates, for instant, milk chocolate, peppermint or dark chocolate.

Hot Chocolate Baubles

Hot Chocolate Baubles

27. Photo Tree

To give your home that personal touch, why not create a photo tree in your home?

All you need to do is get a vase, some decorative branches, along with some pictures from your past Christmases with friends and family and some pegs.

Put your decorative branches in the vase and then peg up your favourite pictures to the branches to make a beautiful centrepiece for your mantelpiece.

28. Festive Fireplaces

If you have an empty fireplace that you’re not using, don’t just leave it sitting there, make a feature out of it, filling it with logs, or make a festive looking scene out of it with fake snow and snowmen.

Festive Fireplaces

Festive Fireplaces

29. Christmas Cookie Decorations

A fun activity to do whether it be on your own or with your friends or family, is to make some Christmas tree cookie decorations. Both beautiful and edible.

Simply make some Christmas theme shaped cookies, with a small hole at the top. Once they are cooked and cooled down, tie some ribbon or string through the hole, decorate the cookies and hang them up.

Christmas Cookie Decorations

Christmas Cookie Decorations

30. Gingerbread House and Gingerbread Decorations

Get fun and creative this year and either make, bake and decorate your own gingerbread house or get a kit from the shop. Why not even try making your own gingerbread decorations to hang up or make and decorate some gingerbread men?

31. Christmas Card Holders

Are you running out of space on your shelf and mantel piece to stand up all your Christmas cards?

Attach some ribbon to the door, shelf and mantel piece, so that you can peg the cards to the ribbon to create more space.

32. Christmas Dinner Table Centrepieces

Create Christmas table centrepieces for your dining table and coffee table, with candles, flowers, holly, walnuts, chocolates and peppermints.

Christmas Dinner Table Centrepieces

Christmas Dinner Table Centrepieces

33. Chalk wall Christmas Trees

A popular trend that many people are going for especially in cafés and kitchens, is having a chalk board wall installed.

To get your café or kitchen in the festive mood, why not draw a festive scene on your wall, maybe a Christmas tree or a snowman.

34. Jazz Up Christmas Hats

If you’re getting a bit bored of your Christmas hat and you want to jazz it up a bit, why not sew on some pompoms and bells to give your hat that unique and individual look? You could even sew on some festive looking buttons around the white fur trim of the hat!

35. Christmas Drinks Festive Sideboard

Create a festive drinks sideboard, filled with mugs, hot chocolate, cookies, marshmallows and chocolate. For those times when you fancy a cheeky bit of alcohol, why not get some Baileys, Tia Maria and Amaretto to spice up those hot chocolates?

36. Christmas Cookie Cutter Decorations

There is no better way to give your kitchen that Christmas feel other than stringing up your Christmas themed kitchenware, such as some Christmas shaped cookie cutters.

Simply tie some string around the cookie cutters and hang them on the cupboard handles.

Christmas Cookie Cutter Decorations

Christmas Cookie Cutter Decorations

37. Chair Decorations

Make those dining chairs extra Christmassy by adding a chair sash and tying a ribbon around the back.

38. Repurposing Window Shutters and Shipping Crates

Have you got some old window shutters or shipping crates gaining dust in the corner of the spare room that you’re trying to find a use for?

Why not give them a coat of paint and paint a festive scene on them?

39. Christmas Mason Jars

Mason jars not only help to make homes look more organised, but they can also give your kitchen a homey and vintage appearance. Label the jars according to their contents and pour your flour, self-raising flour and sugar in the jars.

Additionally, you could also put your tea bags, hot chocolate, cookies and marshmallows in jars as well.

Christmas Mason Jars

Christmas Mason Jars

40. Knitted Christmas Bunting

If you’re handy with knitting, give your home that vintage Christmas look with some festive bunting to string up in the lounge!

If you feel like getting extra creative, why not knit some snowflakes, acorns, holly and other festive shapes to add to the bunting triangles.

Knitted Christmas Bunting

Knitted Christmas Bunting

41. Reindeer Hair Buns

If you are trying to find the perfect hairdo for Christmas day, why not try a reindeer hair bun?

Simply put your hair in a bun, attach a red pompom to a hair pin and slot it in the centre of the bun. Next, attach two googly eyes to hair pins and slot these in the bun just above the pompom.

Finally, create a pair of reindeer antlers out of brown pipe cleaners and put these in the top of the bun. Your hairdo is complete.

42. Matchbox Christmas Calendar

Winter is a chilly period throughout the year, which is why empty matchboxes are currently far more likely to be thrown away.

Try making an advent calendar out of them by wrapping up the outer shell of the match box in Christmas paper and numbering the draws which you can store goodies in. You could even stack them up so it looks like a Christmas tree!

Matchbox Christmas Calendar

Matchbox Christmas Calendar

43. Bird Seed Garden Christmas Ornaments

With the snow and rain that is usually expected during the winter period, we often forget about our little friends outside who are no doubt struggling to find food.

Don’t let the bird boxes and bird feeders go empty this winter. Give the birds their own little Christmas present with some homemade bird seed garden ornaments.

44. Festive Fruitcake

One of the most important Christmas traditions is the beautiful fruitcake display, decorated with a layer of marzipan, royal icing and then complete with little figurines on top.

Rather than getting a shop bought Christmas fruitcake this year why not make your own and have fun decorating it with your family?

45. Christmas Paper Chains

If you’re looking for a fun and easy activity for you and your child to do together, why not make some festive paper chains?

Online and in craft shops you can buy festive paper chain pieces that you simply need to stick together in a chain, or if you feel like being a bit extra creative, get some different coloured paper, cut them into strips and stick them together or draw pictures on them first to give them that extra festive and individual look.

Christmas Paper Chains

Christmas Paper Chains

46. Potpourri

This mixture of lovely dried flower petals and spices helps to give your room a festive and relaxing scent.

You can make a coffee table centre piece out of these lovely dried orange pieces and rose petals or you can decorate your mantel piece with them.

47. Orange Cloves

Orange cloves – otherwise known as pomander balls – are a beautiful and fun way to provide your home with a spiced Christmas smell. They can also be used as Christmas ornaments.

Simply get a long piece of ribbon or string and tie it around the orange like a present bow. Then get a bag of cloves and decorate the orange with them.

Orange Cloves

Orange Cloves

48. Homemade Snow Globes

A fun and easy art and craft activity that you can get your children to do, while you are preparing the house for those busy family gatherings, is to make their own homemade snow globes.

All you need is some empty jars, silver or white or opaque glitter, petroleum jelly, water and some figurines.

Wash out the jar and lid and get your Christmas figurine, whether it be a snowman, Christmas tree or Father Christmas etc. and glue it to the centre inside of the lid.

While you are allowing the glue to dry, fill up the jar most of the way with water and add as much glitter as you want.

Once the glue has dried, add petroleum jelly to the rim and side of the jar where the lid screws on and screw the lid to the jar firmly on. Give the jar a shake and place the jar upside down.

49. Festive Cups

If you need some festive cups in your home, why not get some white mugs and with a black permanent marker, draw on two dots for eyes and a dotted smiley mouth – the type a snowman would have. Then with an orange permanent marker, draw on a carrot nose. Your snowman mug is complete.

Festive Cups / Mugs

Festive Cups / Mugs

50. Warming Hot Apple and Ginger Juice

If you are looking for that perfect winter drink that you and the kids can enjoy then look no further, for we know the secret. You’ll need some apple juice and fresh ginger.

Measure out the apple juice, making sure that you have enough per cup, plus a little bit extra. Put it in a saucepan and start peeling the fresh ginger. Once peeled, slice the ginger adding it to the saucepan.

Turn on the stove and leave the apple and ginger on to heat up. Once it’s nice and hot, share out the apple juice and ginger slices between the cups. Finally, after it’s cooled down a bit, relax and enjoy your juice.

Meanwhile, if you’re getting bored of using the same old Christmas decorations year in, year out and you’re looking for something quirky, cool or different, why not check out our Christmas Decorations page?

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