Thomas Heatherwick Spun Chairs

It was interesting to see Lord Rothschild selecting the Thomas Heatherwick Spun chairs for his latest contemporary designed and award winning house. All of which was illustrated on a BBC2 TV programme The Extraordinary Collector originally shown at 8pm on Friday 6th May, 2016.

Thomas Heatherwick Spun Chairs

Lord Rothschild & George Watson having fun on Magis Spun chairs

These Lord Rothschild purchased Spun chairs are going to be used as outdoor dining chairs to compliment a stunning designed outdoor table.

This same BBC2 programme also illustrated the many uses of these Spun chairs from loungers to dining chairs as well as fun sculptural pieces.

Connections At Home can supply the Magis Spun chair at the best value for money at only £293.26 per chair.

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