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There has been a recent TV series on BBC 2 called Cats v Dogs: Which is Best? that we have all been enjoying in the office. The TV program is trying to find out which animal makes the better pet using the latest global scientific research. Last nights episode of the cat ringing a counter bell was truly remarkable — I am sure the sale of counter bells will be going through the roof this weekend! The Connections At Home office is in favour of dogs (boo! I think cats rule!).

Cat ringing a counter bell A clever cat signals to its owner to be let in the door!

Whether you’re a cat lover or a dog lover you would probably consider them to be a part of the family. So just like any loved one, we should show our appreciation now and again. We know that our customers also love their pets, so we have selected a range of designer pet accessories for cats and dogs, that compliment the modern interior. These luxury branded pet accessories have been manufactured by some of the leading contemporary brands today such as Magis, Fatboy and Alessi. Fatboy for instance makes a range of dog beds in different sizes and colours called Doggie Lounge that can even be personalised with a name plate.

white dog on a bean bag Fatboy Doggie Lounge bean bag

Another brand that is well known for contemporary housewares is Alessi in Italy. They have carefully produced a range of modern pet accessories including the Tigrito cat bowl, cat food storage jars, dog food storage jars, dog feeding bowls.

designer cat bowl by Alessi A di Alessi Tigrito cat bowl

Magis Design in Italy have produced a dog kennel that can be personalized with a brass name plate if desired. Also produced by Magis is the best selling Me Too Puppy Dog which many pet shop owners and dog lovers have purchased from Connections over the years. The popularity of the Magis Puppy increased when it appeared in the garden of the Big Brother TV show when the show was at it’s peak a few years ago.

Me Too Puppy Dog chair Me Too Puppy Dog by Magis Design

We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting pet accessories. Do you have any of these items for your pet? Do you think cats rule? Let us know in the comments below.

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