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One way of improving the decor of a room is adding a clock to the wall. We have recently added a new collection of designer wall clocks to our website. We’ve chosen many of them mainly because of their eye catching designs and bright colours. Many of these wall clocks span 45cm diameter – that’s a span of nearly a foot and a half!

Koziol is a German manufacturer that specialises in housewares and tableware. They produce many affordable, funky items that can be used in the home. Koziol have recently produced a range of clocks that come in distinctive shapes that we think will brighten up any interior. One of these clocks includes the Piano wall clock which has a 3D effect when viewed from an angle.

3D Piano wall clock

The Piano wall clock

Contrasting the Piano clock is the [pi:p] wall clock which is a wonderland affair of jumbled up numbers and cute creatures.

Koziol pi:p wall clock

The [pi:p] wall clock by Koziol

Kitchen accessories company, Fratelli Guzinni has also released a range of designer clocks for the home. Traditionally this Italian company have always been associated with contemporary kitchenware. They have released a range of modern clocks that will be a great addition to any room, not just the kitchen.

Guzinni specialises in using new materials that have aesthetic appeal. Their company motto is “designed to be used”, and their fantastic clocks certainly fit into this category. The i-Clock wall clock is a straight forward wall clock that functions as a kitchen clock as well as a no-nonsense office clock. The i-Clock frame is segmented in 4 parts and comes in 6 colours. The simple graphical clock face is easy to read with a bold red second hand that pivots from edge to edge.

Red i-Clock wall clock

The i-Clock wall clock by Guzinni

All of these clocks are available to view and purchase from the Connections At Home website. Click here to view or buy designer clocks.

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